In a conversation with my friends last week, they compared my style to Pixie Lott... I have to say, I was rather flattered, as I think Pixie is a total babe! I googled her when I got home, and I guess they are kind of right with the clothes thing... Pixie tends to wear alot of pretty dresses and then rocks them up with a leather jacket or some chunky boots and jewellery, which is just what I love to do!
I bought some biker boots from New Look last week and I love them more than anything! I've been wearing them all the time, and I'm thinking about getting another pair in another colour. They go with practically everything I own!
Pixie also seems to like the slightly hippy 'wavy hair with head band' look, which I too have been sporting lately.
Sorry about the terrible quality of this photo... that's iPhone cameras for ya!

I absolutley adore what Pixie is wearing in these pictures below... doesn't she look great?! It is totally the kind of outfit I would wear.
I'm definitely going to continue watching how Pixie develops her style, and I have a couple of outfit posts planned for this week showing how I wear things in this kind of style :)