Firstly I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging lately. My Macbook has completely died on me, and then my backup laptop died too... I think I'm jinxed when it comes to computers. Now I'm using my third and final laptop which is absolutley huge, but if this dies, I'm totally stuck! Hopefully it will be fine though so that I can continue blogging on a daily basis.

So, every girl wants a Mulberry Alexa, right? Unfortunately however, not many of us (including myself) could afford one, or would ever dream of spending almost £700 on a handbag.

Inspired by Alexa Chung, the bag is such a classic, and a really versatile bag for anyone's wardrobe, so, luckily for people like me, the fashion retailers on the British high street heard our plees and most of them are now selling an Alexa-a-like.
Here is my list of where you can bag yourself one of these, umm... bags!
 Dorothy Perkins £25
Primark £9
Next £30
New Look £15 (they also currently have a bigger, and more Alexa style satchel in stores for £25)
River Island, Topshop and Internacionale are also selling the same kind of bags, but for some reason they aren't showing on their websites... they must be selling out fast! :(
Which is your favourite copy? Or would you rather save for the real thing?

Also, while on the subject, the lovely Lily at LLYMLRS is giving away an Alexa copy, so head over to her blog by clicking the link and go enter!!