Gosh it's been so long since I did a makeup related post... I do apologise!

If you've followed my blog for a while, you will know that I'm not really a big fan of lip gloss, usually I just expect it to be sticky, messy and not very long lasting so always find myself reaching for lipstick instead. However, I have been slightly converted by a beautiful lipgloss by Art Deco.
 The gloss I'm wearing in the picture above (taken with flash) is called 'Glam Stars Lipgloss' in shade 6, and it's my new night-time favourite! As I wear lipsticks all day, I always feel like my makeup isn't anything special on a night out, but when I wore this out a few weeks ago, I felt just that little bit more 'done up'.

The colour is really subtle, almost a nude gloss with a hint of pink, but it has a beautiful shimmer and small glitter particles in it - just what I was looking for really!

When trying it out, I had that dread that it would feel claggy and stick my lips together... which I hate, but this is definitely the least sticky gloss I own, I almost forgot I was wearing it.
The gloss smells lovely (always important to me with makeup products) and it's quite thick in consistency too, so I didn't need to apply much, and only found myself touching up once throughout the evening... very impressed!
I'm glad I took a chance on this gloss, I was initially drawn to it by the classy packaging and shimmery colours in their range. Do you have any other Art Deco products you would recommend to me?
The lipgloss retails at £11.50
Find your nearest stockist of Art Deco products by clicking here.