Just a quick post from me tonight, as I am trying to keep up with my daily blogging... three days running now! (I'm doing well!)

I love this maxi dress! I feel like it really embraces my curves, and I like that. I'm not the skinniest of girls, but I don't want to be. I like having hips, boobs and a bum and I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing that off.
This isn't the best photo to show how I would wear this, as I was just trying it on at the time, so didn't have any accessories or even shoes to wear with it, but in honesty, I do keep it pretty simple when wearing it out, as the pattern is so busy. Most of the time I just throw a cardigan and some bangles on and I'm done.
Best of all, it was a total bargain from New Look... I think it was £10 (possibly £12).

On a slightly  off topic note;
Everytime I post an indoor outfit photo, I hate it. It's since I took some outdoor shots... you just can't beat natural lighting, and an outdoor background is so much prettier. In these indoor ones I always stand infront of our white double doors, mainly because there is a place to rest my camera at a decent height infront of me, and also because it gives a fairly plain background to my photos. There really isn't any excuse for the dreadful carpet though, so I do apologise! I might try taking my next few outfit photos in my room and see how they look.