Hi girlies,
I'm having such a down day today... My boyfriend left for uni this morning, and I am already feeling lost without him. I miss him like mad! How am I going to manage three years like this?!
I've been trying to keep myself busy today with looking after Elodie and catching up with all the blogs I follow. (I feel like I've hardly commented on any lately... oops!) Of course there's XFactor on later to keep my mind occupied too. I'm really looking forward to hearing Cher Lloyd and Hollie Burns again, I thought their auditions were fab!

I also know I've got alot of planning to do for next Sunday, because it's Elodie's 1st birthday party (Her birthday is this coming Monday!) We've booked a function room at the local petting farm (which she loves), and booked an entertainer to do balloon modelling and magic for all the children, so it should be great! I have to sort out decoration and all the catering... cupcakes all round?! Any ideas what else I should make? (I'm a bit clueless!)

Before Robbie left, we made the most of our last few days together, and spent time together as a family. We ate chips on the beach on Wednesday and it was absolutley gorgeous weather... it's freezing now though, so I think we timed it perfectly!

I've decided to put myself on a spending ban. I'm terrible for impulse buying, especially with clothes and makeup, but I've decided to get serious with myself, and sort out all my bills and debt which is mounting up. The way I look at it, is if I just use all my money to pay off bills now, then I can shop guilt free once it's all sorted. It will take a while, but it will be worth it.
I'm going to have a really cheap blog sale, of clothes, shoes, makeup, bags... allsorts, and I'll be doing that in the next few days (once I've taken pictures),so keep your eyes peeled for that! I will also be posting out things I owe people on here from previous blog sales and competitions (soooo sorry I've taken foreverr) It's payday on the 30th, so I have no excuses - I am posting then! xx

That's about it from me for now... but while I remember, I have set up a Tumblr and a Flickr. So follow me on those if you have accounts. Also, send me questions on Formspring & Twitter to keep me occupied :)
Thanks guys!
Speak soon, love Tor xxx

(sorry for zero pictures on this post... blogger won't letme upload any grr!)