Sorry for my blogging absence this week, I was struck down with some sort of throat/ear infection and I've been spending every spare minute tucked up in bed.
I'm almost recovered now though (thank goodness) so thought I would post a selection of outfit photos from today.
I think you can tell I'm not 100% here, I look a bit pale, but ignore that and look at my lovely playsuit which I picked up from good old Primark!
I love the button details on this, there are buttons on the waist and on the arms and they have little chess piece designs on them - so cute! Also,as a horse fanatic, the pattern on the fabric is very 'me'.
I think playsuits are great for summer or winter and I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for some more to add to my little collection.
From these photos you might be able to tell that I have ombred my hair, but I will do another post on this in the next couple of days. I have quite alot of blog posts planned actually... so keep checking back!