Hi lovelies!
It doesn't seem long since I posted my last chat post, but it's well over a week since I did (believe it or not!) so I thought I better write another!
My blog followers have been slowly creeping up over the past week or two, so I will start with a big thank you and hello to all my new followers. Seeing the number go up really does make me so happy! I really can't wait to reach 1000... I know it's a long way off, but still, I can't wait hehe!

I don't have much to update you on about me really... My boyfriend has moved away to university, but he's been coming back for the weekends which is great, because I really miss him when he's away!
I had a gorgeous night out with my best friends on Saturday night, we ate Italian food, had a few drinks and a catch up - perfect!
Other than that I've just been getting over my throat/ear infection, which has now turned into a nasty cough :(
Lately I have become a little obsessed with reading street style blogs, where people just take a camera onto the street and take photos of strangers and their outfits. It's something I think I would really enjoy doing, and might look into. When I think about it, there isn't many fashion forward people walking around my small town... and the closest shopping town is Middlesbrough, which again, isn't exactly full of fashionistas! I might give it a go though, and see what I can find, and if I enjoy it, I might venture up to Newcastle to see what the Toon has to offer! It's not that I want to change my blog to a street style blog, I just think it would be fun! What do you think... is that something which you would like to see on here?
I'm not sure how many of my readers are from the North of England, or if you have heard, but some bloggers are in the early stages of arranging a Northern bloggers meet up! I am super excited about this, because I always miss out on other meet ups and events with living so far away from London, and there are so many bloggers I really want to meet. I think they are arranging it for just after Christmas time, so go and follow this blog, to keep up to date with any news on the big day. Hopefully lots of people will make it, and it's not just for people who live up North, I'm sure everyone is welcome!

If you don't already,  feel free to follow me on Twitter and ask me any questions you may have on Formspring :) xx