I seem to have acquired quite a few winter coats this year, without even realising! This is the second coat which I have featured on here (see the first here), and it's probably my favourite.
I saw it in the New Look magazine about three months ago and I knew I had to have it! Typical though, we didn't get it in stock for agesss, and neither did any of our surrounding stores, I had almost given up hope on ever owning it. Eventually though, it did come in stock!
It's super warm and cosy, but I had to go up a size because they're so small fitting, and I like to know I can fit a jumper or two underneath my winter coat.
I love the rich berry/burgandy colour, and teamed up with the double breasted military style buttons, its so on trend this Winter season.
 Not too sure why I look so washed out in these pictures, or what's going on with my mane, but never mind!