I really love my Cloud Nine styling irons, and even though I've had them for a good six months or so now, I still enjoy experimenting with them and finding new techniques to use. Sometimes my ideas work, and sometimes they don't, but two days ago I tired something and LOVED the outcome, so thought I would share it with you all.
I wish I had taken photos of this straight after I styled it, as I didn't put any hairspray on, and it did drop slightly :(
All I did to achieve this look was plait my hair into around five plaits (so they were quite chunky) and then I ran my Cloud Nine stylers down each plait twice at 150°C, then I left the plaits in for a couple of minutes, and when I un-did them, I was left with this wavy, slightly Mary Kate Olsen looking hair.

I think this may become my new signature style, definitely better for my hair than all the back-combing I usually subject it to, and only having to have the Cloud Nines set to 150°C is a bonus too!