Hi my lovely followers!

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote one of these update posts, there is quite alot to catch up on with you all!

Firstly I will share my new obsession with you all...
Olly Murs!
Ahhh I love him, and his new song! I really can't wait to get my hands on his album and tickets for his tour!
Did you see him on XFactor? I thought he was amazing... but don't get me started on XFactor, all my favourites keep getting voted off, first Aiden, then Paige! It's shocking :(

A few weekend's back I went to Leeds shopping with my boyfriend and daughter. I was really excited to get some Christmas pressies bought, and as I hadn't been to Leeds for about five years I was really looking forward to it! The only problem was, I had no clue where any of the shops I wanted to go to actually were. We spent more time looking for certain shops and then looking for somewhere to eat than actually shopping :(
I definitely want to go back though, because the shops I did manage to find were great!

Instead of celebrating Bonfire night this year, we took Elodie to the Disney Store in the Metro Center to choose her Christmas presents. I was a bit apprehensive about taking her to a firework display, with her only being 1, I thought she might be a bit scared, so Christmas shopping was definitely the safer option. Elodie is Mickey Mouse mad,and was screaming with excitement all round the shop! To be honest, we had no idea what to buy her for Christmas this year, because she really does have everything she could possibly need, but we did end up buying quite a lot of lovely things in there!

My boyfriend has borrowed my Mac while he's at uni, so I'm back using the old laptop again! Unfortunately, I can't reply to emails on this one, so as soon as I get the Mac back, I will reply to you all... I'm not ignoring you!

It's my birthday next week, I'm not really bothered about birthdays anymore though, I think I'm a bit too old now! I'm more excited for Christmas this year, and spending the day together as a family with a yummy dinner! I can't wait... bring on the roasties! haha!
(sorry for the bad quality iphone pic!)

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Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all of my new followers - it makes me so happy to see that people like my blog enough to follow it :) xxx