I have a couple of parties coming up over the next month... a night out with work, a birthday party and probably some Christmas parties too. I decided to order some dresses from Topshop to try on, in the hope of finding something suitable.

This is the first of the dresses, I love the colour, and the style, but to me this looks a little too formal. I ordered this one with the birthday party in mind, which is going to be held in a function room above a pub, nothing fancy, but I still want to dress up a bit. In real life, it doesn't look the same as on the website.
When wearing it, I kind of feel like I'm dressed for a day in an office, rather than a party. I'm trying to tell myself that I should send this one back, partly because it's very pricey at £48 (especially considering I will only wear it once or twice) and partly because it isnt something I would usually wear, although I do agree, that can be a good thing and I do kind of love it.
For a party though, even with heels, and a bit of bling... I'm not so sure, but I am open to opinions!
Tell me what you think? How would you style it?
Would you take it or leave it?
Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Keep or return it?
Love it or hate it?