I'm suffering from flu again, so excuse my face in these pictures... I tried to look happy I promise!

I'm not the best sale shopper in the world, in fact, I usually try to avoid it altogether. However this year I dared to get stuck in there with those hardcore shoppers, you know the ones who literally throw the clothes over their shoulders and onto the floor as they rummage through the rails and elbow other shoppers out of the way?! I'm quite proud to say I participated in no pushing and shoving, but I did manage to pick up some bargains.

This is the first of my purchases I have got to show you, a cute little dress from River Island. I love this colour, even though it fits right into the Autumn/Winter trend we are just coming out of, I don't really think you can go wrong with burgundy/berry colours, and as I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am slightly obsessive about anything with birds on them, so this dress was just screaming out to me! It's really flattering with an empire style waist and has such cute buttoned pockets, I'm so happy I found it.
With the dress having the long sleeves, I generally wouldn't style it with anything on top, but I've been feeling the cold quite a bit since being poorly, so I chose to layer up and wear my trusty New Look cardigan (the same as I wore in this post).
River Island isn't a shop I tend to go to very often, I find it's usually too cramped for me with my pram (maybe thats just my local store) and although I do have a soft spot for their purses and bags, I much prefer New Look and Topshop. I saw quite a lot of things I liked while I was in there buying this dress though, so I might start to venture in there more often!