Top & Tights: New Look
Shorts & Cardigan : Topshop

The return of my shorts... I really love them! I think these will be cropping up in outfit photos a lot in the near future, they just seem to go with everything, and they're so comfy!

I really like this top too, although it clashes a little with my hair! The blonde has gone a bit gingery now, so if I do decide to keep the ombre, I'm going to have to get some blonde back on it soon! I actually won this top... well I won some vouchers at work, so I bought the top with them. I like it tucked into a skirt too (forgot to photograph it tucked in... sorry!)

My boyfriend bought me a tripod for my camera the other day too, so from now on my photos should be better, I hope anyway! At the moment my outfit photos are taken with my camera balanced on the back of the sofa, and then on top of some boxes for the height, I'm sure a tripod will be much easier to manage!

I'm hoping to start saving a little money each week for a new camera too, I don't think mine is a bad camera at all, in fact I love it, but I really would love to invest in something special, which I can keep for a long time, and a camera seems like a good option. 
...(Coz I haven't done a FOTD in ages!)
Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
Mac MSF Natural - Light
Benefit Coralista blush
Maybelline Ambre Rose lipstick
Diorshow mascara
Benefit Browzings wax