Dress: Urban Outfitters

I am so tired today... I worked ten and a half hours, when really I was only supposed to be working four. This has resulted in me having a major headache... luckily these photos weren't taken tonight, because I think by looking at me you can tell just how tired I am right now.
These were actually taken three days ago just before I went out for a meal at my local Italian. I hadn't eaten out in a while, so I made a bit of an effort!
I really love this dress, I bought it around September time from my closest Urban Outfitters store in Leeds. I really wish there was one closer to where I live, because I always love everything when I go there, I just don't like ordering online because I find their things a bit expensive, so I like to try things on first.
I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, (maybe you can if you click them to enlarge), but the dress is just a basic tunic style with an elasticated waist and elasticated cuffs, really nice and simple, then with a cute pattern and the lace panel it's just that little bit different.

I've gained quite a few new followers on here since the New Year, and I'm really grateful to all of you. This has meant I've been getting a few more comments than usual, and I've noticed some of you asking me questions in the comments. I do reply on here, but I'm not too sure if you get notifications when I write back, so if you want to ask me anything, you can always use Twitter or Formspring, then you will know when I reply.

Also, please let me know what kind of blog posts you like seeing/want to see on here in the future. I'm feeling a bit lost as to what category I fit in, in the blogging world... I guess it's a fashion blog with a bit of beauty thrown in now and again, but is that the way you like it?  I will take any requests into consideration.