Jumper: Topshop
Maxi Skirt: New Look
Snood: New Look
I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting these pictures... I'm not a fan of them at all; I look washed out and my hair looks terrible :( I've kind of been liking my recent photos too, so this post is a bit of a let down, they were taken about three weeks ago though!
I did take these photos to ask you guys what you thought of the top, but much like this post, as soon as I saw the photos, I made my own mind up to return the top. I like the colour, but other than that I wasn't keen on it at all. I ordered it off the Topshop website, and when it arrived it just wasn't what I expected, especially the material, which I expected to be all soft and cosy, when in fact it was scratchy and cheap looking. The only thing I liked was the colour, but it wasn't really worth keeping for that reason alone.
I do however, love the snood I'm wearing here... I've practically been living in this over the winter, it's so warm and snuggly! I had it on today with my parka jacket (which I am yet to show you guys) and I actually managed to stay almost warm when I was outside! 

I've been at work all day today, and it was so busy! I couldn't really be bothered taking any pictures tonight, but hopefully tomorrow (my day off) I will have the chance to play about with my new tripod and take some more photos.
The only thing I have planned so far for tomorrow is to go to Chiquitos for my tea! Mmmmm I can't wait!!

One more quick thing to mention... If you follow my Twitter account, you may have seen me asking yesterday about fancy dress. If not, the story is that I'm going out with my friend in Northampton for her birthday, and we're going dressed as referee's... I just want to know if you can think of any little extra's you would add to the outfit, or anything specific you would wear.
I've never been to a fancy dress party (except when I dressed up as The Queen Of Hearts in Nursery, but that doesn't really count!) So I'm a little stuck... I do have some ideas, but I would love to hear yours too xx