If you follow my Twitter, you may have seen me asking what kind of post you wanted me to do today (if you don't follow me, please do!), and while most of you said you wanted to see my Christmas presents, I'm afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow for that. I seem to have lost misplaced my camera charger, so I can't take the last few photos of my pressies - sorry!

Hopefully this post won't disappoint too much though.
My first outfit post featuring jeans! Yes, I finally found a pair which I like, and actually seem to suit my shape. I'm so pleased, as I haven't actually worn jeans in over three years... I've been living in leggings, jeggings and tights.
I'm absolutely in love with this cardigan, its a beautiful dusky pink kind of colour, with old fashioned style buttons (the same as I've seen on cardigans my Grandad used to wear), its really chunky knit, and it's just so warm and cosy. I actually bought it in this colour, and in cream, and I've seen it in a rusty colour which I also really want to buy.
My whole outfit is from New Look, I wore it to work yesterday.
I love this t-shirt... its so versatile, I've worn it in quite a few ways (which I will save for upcoming outfit posts), but it was a total bargain at £9.99! 
I must also apologise for looking so miserable in these shots... I'm not quite sure why I do.
Links to buy: Cardigan & Top
Finally, a close up of my hair. I used my Remington Spin Curl to style my hair for the first time in ages! I kind of stopped using it since I got my Cloud Nine stylers, but since they broke, I'm back using it, and loving it again!
You can read my review on the Spin Curl by clicking the link.