I really can't decide what to do with my hair...
It's just so blahh at the moment :(
I love the ombre effect which I am donning at the moment, but I think I want it a bit more dramatic, a'la Rachel Bilson/Drew Barrymore.
If I'm not going to do that, then I'm toying with the idea of dying it red, like Amy from The Only Way Is Essex or how Cheryl Cole had her's for a while on XFactor.
I also can't decide whether to get my fringe cut back in... I really loved having a bit of a side fringe to play with, but it's taken me that long to grow it out, I don't know if I'd regret getting it chopped again!
Actually, I've considered getting it chopped into a bob, well, you know the type with the longer bits at the front, and wearing it big and full of volume all the time, but I'm a bit too scared to go for it! I think I'd probably cry if I did pluck up the courage, just because I'd miss my long hair, even though I'd like a bob... if that makes sense?!

Any opinions or suggestions will be greatly received!