I've seen lots of blog posts featuring Primark's Spring/Summer collection, but haven't seen any about New Look's upcoming range.  I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces with you. 

The lookbook they have released is massive, and it features clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags, lingerie and swimwear, however I've mainly focused on the clothes here.
They seem to have taken inspiration from the 1970's with lots of bold prints and wide legged trousers (although I haven't included any of those here... I'm not a fan), as well as channeling the style of American Apparel in the sports like pieces.
Key colours are bright reds, blues and yellows mixed in with alot of white.

Okay, so on with my favourite bits, in no particular order...
I'm probably going to keep saying this throughout this post, but I can definitely see myself buying the first playsuit, I love the bow tie on the waist and the detailed edging on the shorts. 
The first outfit here just makes me think of walking along the beach in the evening while on holiday, and I adore this blouse in the second picture!
The little shorts in both pictures here are so cute and versatile! The scalloped edges on the red shorts make them look so much more pricey than they actually are... I love all of the extra detailing they have incorporated to this collection. The top and cardigan in the first picture here are made with such a gorgeous fabric, there are also shorts and bootcut trousers available in this pattern.
All of these images show perfect holiday outfits, ideal for night time, day time etc... I love it all! 
This dress will be a must have for me! I love the Aztec meets Tribal pattern and the hook and eye detailing.

Finally, I wasn't going to include any accessories, but these three are my top picks! The bag is gorgeous, and the hat... what a bargain! I can't wait for summer now!