I still look poorly in these photos. It's making me cringe.
I was going to take some new photos today of me in my referee outfit which I have concocted for tomorrow night, but I've been out all day and now I just can't be bothered! I guess I will just show you the photos of me wearing it from tomorrow night.
Luckily I took these yesterday, so, if you will... here are some I prepared earlier.
I just wish I'd noticed the sun shining through the window onto my dress when I was taking these... bit annoying!
Anyway, this was one of those items of clothing where, as soon as you see it, you know you're going to buy it. I saw this on the New Look website about three weeks before it came into my store, and I grabbed it as soon as I saw it on our delivery rail. I love a bit of leopard print, and of course peter pan collars are one of my favourite things right now.
I've been wearing it with my leather shorts from Topshop or my bodycon skirt  underneath though, because it's a little too short for comfort.

I was served today by a girl in Topshop who had the most beautiful hair in the world, it was blonde with dark roots, and it was all messy and curly... sounds awful, but it was gorgeous! I plan on recreating the look (minus the blonde) for my night out.
I also did a good deed today and bought a Big Issue from a guy in town, it made me feel really good about myself, I think I'm going to do it more often.

Thanks to all my new followers, and of course to all my original followers for the comments etc, it means a hell of a lot xx