Sorry I haven't blogged all weekend girlies, I've been away visiting friends :)

I love a good excuse to dress up, and a Saturday night out with the girls is no exception. 
When I’m going on a night out, my makeup generally stays the same, the only difference is I put on a little extra bronzer, my lipstick gets brighter and my hair gets bigger.
A night out is also the only time I wear heels and I always wear a dress (except for the time I wore my shorts).
As soon as I saw this dress I loved it, for a few reasons; I really like bodycon dresses, I think they’re super flattering and always look good, I also love the black and white stripes (I’m loyal to Newcastle haha!) 

This dress in particular is from Rise Fashion, which is a brand best known for having concession items in stores such as House of Fraser and Dorothy Perkins.

They currently have a sale on their website, and it includes some beautiful dresses! Check out my favourites here and here, which I will hopefully be snapping up for myself on payday!