I was a little undecided on this dress this morning, but reluctantly cut the tags out because I really had nothing else to wear. Without the belt it looked completely ridiculous, just like a big blue sack, but with the belt I was a little happier.
I love the colour, it’s exactly the same as this shirt, and I love the exposed zip on the back.
I just don't usually go for things like this, I prefer prints or a bit more detail.

I’m not too sure it photographs that great… it looks okay I guess, not perfect. But today, I received loads of compliments on it, and actually managed to flog a few at work when people asked where it was from (New Look should be proud haha!)

The material is really nice too, it’s kind of shiny, but it creases so bad. Today I literally ironed it, put it on, drove fifteen minutes to work, and it looked like it had never seen an iron before in it’s life!

What do you think anyway? It's ok for daytime I guess...

My entire outfit here is from New Look :)