One thing I asked for this Christmas which I didn’t get was a new purse. Everyone said that they didn’t know what type to get me and thought I’d be better off choosing one myself. I’ve had a Topshop hardcase purse for the past year or so, but it’s really started annoying me lately, mainly because when I have too many coins in it, it wont shut properly, and through forcing it shut more times than I should have, it ended up a little out of shape, and the clasp wasn’t as strong as it should be. Therefore I decided I had reason/an excuse to treat myself to a new one.

When I went in search of this new purse, I had an idea in my head exactly what I was looking for, this was probably the biggest problem, because I didn’t know if the purse I wanted actually existed!

It took two trips to Newcastle and two days shopping in Middlesbrough before I found my purse, but I have finally found one I love… and I do think it was worth the wait. I saw quite a few which I almost settled for, because they were okay, but I’m glad I waited, because this one is by far my favourite of the hundreds (literally!) I looked at.
The purse I ended up buying was another Topshop one, this time from the Marc B range, and I love it! It took me about 20 minutes of staring at them to choose which colour to get… it was available in cream, leopard print, navy and black, and I considered all four colours for different reasons, because all four were gorgeous. In the end I was torn between navy and black, but I eventually opted for the black one, as ‘it goes with everything’. I definitely think I made the right decision.
I love the leopard print lining, and the fact that the middle section has a zip compartment for me to keep my coins. I hate when there’s no separate section for coins, but could never really be bothered carrying round a separate coin purse.
The only thing I wish it had, is a place for a photo, but I guess you can't have everything!

You can buy this purse from the Marc B website here!

I thought I would add a few 'outtakes' at the end of the post too... Elodie was in a really cheeky mood, and insisted on 'helping' with the photos!
If you would like to see a 'whats in my purse' post, just let me know. I almost included it here, but wasn't sure if you would be interested! (I will get around to posting a whats in my bag post/video soon too!)