My obsession with shorts is continuing to grow. I picked up another three pairs in New Look this week! 
Gone are the days when my bodycon skirt was my 'go-to' item in my wardrobe.

The shops seem to be full of pretty blouses to team up with my shorts at the moment, too... I'm always spoilt for choice. This kind of outfit is definitely becoming my typical style most recently.
I love the colours in the blouse, and of the shorts, although they're a little Autumny... not that it matters because the weather isn't really reflecting spring in any way yet! 

This is also my first outfit post with my re-ombre'd hair. I'm not entirely sure my camera has picked up the true colour, because to me, it looks and feels a lot blonder than in these photos, but maybe thats just me... either way, I love it, and I'm so glad I finally got around to doing it, I've had the dye sitting in my bathroom for about a month.

I spotted a couple more pairs of shorts today while out browsing the shops, and although I convinced myself I don't need any more, I think I'll be heading back for them on payday! I'm especially lusting after these cute little shorts from the teenage section at New Look.

If you've seen any nice shorts lately, let me know!