Following on from my post about my hair appointment with Leo Bancroft, I really can't stop thinking about hair styles, looking at people's haircuts, and browsing the internet for ideas.

A lot of you suggested I be brave and tell Leo to do what he wants with my hair... which I really want to do, although I would have to give him a few rules to stick to! I would only let him go so short, I think it would be a bit too much of a shock to the system if he chopped it all off. I wish I was brave enough, because I would love to rock hair like Frankie Sanford... although I'm not too sure it would suit me.

I think in reality, the shortest I would be happy going, would be something like this... Jessica who made it to the final 18 on Great British Hairdresser had amazing hair. I love how the front is slightly longer than the rest, its kind of like a graduated bob with a twist, and my favourite thing about her hair is that she still manages to add a lot of texture and volume despite it being short.  This is probably my favourite style I have found so far.
Sorry the pictures aren't great, I took them off my tv using my phone.
It kind of reminds me of a roughed up version of when Amanda Holden had her hair cut shorter... which I also loved!

A slightly longer, probably more 'me' cut, would be something like when Cheryl Cole took out her hair extensions. I think this is the best style Cheryl has possibly ever had.
I also love Fearne Cotton's hair at the moment, still on the longer side, but to me, this would feel quite short!
What do you think..?