A few weeks ago, in a random conversation with my boyfriend where I was moaning about my hair, I mentioned that I would love to visit Leo Bancroft's salon to get mine sorted out. Well, when I think about it, I'm actually surprised he was listening to me at all, but turns out he was! Today he surprised me by telling me that I need to book a few days off work next month for a trip down South, mainly for my visit to Weybridge where I am booked in for an appointment with Leo himself!
If you're not familiar with Leo, he first came to my attention on the Channel 4 show The Salon in 2004. Since appearing on the show Leo has gone on to become one of the most praised hairstylists in the industry. Leo has won many awards including Hairdresser Of The Year 2009 and 2010, he appears on This Morning as their resident hair expert, and travels the world styling the hair of his celebrity clients including Abbey Clancey, Fernando Torres and Kirstie Gallagher.

I am currently really happy with my ombre hair, although it does need re-doing, but I am thinking I can't waste this opportunity by just getting a simple cut and blowdry. I want to go all out, and have my hair re-invented.
As you can imagine, I have spent pretty much all day looking at new styles and colours which I would like to try, but I am very open to hearing your ideas. I've had a few quick looks at shorter styles, but I'm not entirely sure how brave I am going to be. At least I know whatever I decide to go for, I'm going to be in capable hands.

I'm so excited!
You can visit Leo's own YouTube channel here and view his salon website here.