Top: New Look
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: New Look

Work was so busy today, I've literally spent the whole day rearranging our shop! This is the outfit I wore... not exactly the idea choice for climbing ladders, and heaving equipment about. 
I think every blogger and their friend own this top, and I'm not one to jump on a band waggon, but I do love this. I have had it for a couple of months now, but haven't worn it much, I think it's more of a summer top, so now the weather is picking up, it's a bit more suitable. 
I am still loving Peter Pan collars too, I thought they would maybe be a bit of a gimick which passed quite quickly, but I think they add a really nice, pretty detail to a plain top or dress. This comes in extra handy to a person like me who doesn't wear a lot of jewellery.

I can't quite believe how pale I look in these photos, I am kind of hoping that it isn't exactly true to life, and I'm not that white, but I have a feeling I am. This past week I have bee using Garnier's Summer Body tinted moisturiser, so if that starts to take effect soon I won't be quite so pasty. I used to use a lot of fake tan, but I'm aiming for a more subtle look this time around.
Another reason I think that these photos are quite true to lift with the colouring is because of my hair. The ombre effect looks more realistic in these, than my last post, where it looked a lot darker. Loads of people noticed it at work today and asked me about it too, which hasn't happened so much before.

I have had quite a few questions about my shoes, and what I team with my outfits, so I am planning on doing a post on this in the next week or so.
Is there anything else you would like to see me post about?
I was thinking of having a 'questions and answers' kind of post, so if you think that is a good idea, send me some questions either here, on Twitter or on Formspring.
Another idea I had was fashion advice posts, wether it would be you sending me photos or links to an item of clothing you have, and then me showing you what I would put it with to create an outfit, or you giving me a place where you're going and me suggesting an outfit... that kind of thing.
Just let me know what you think anyway :) x