For a while now I've toyed with the idea of going to night classes in my local college or University, not as something serious, but just for something different to do for a couple of nights a week.
Well, I think I have finally decided what classes I want to take... it has been a tough descision!

I've always loved art, so I immediately looked at the art based classes in the prospectus...
Life drawing - I have done a night class in this before, and really enjoyed it.
Jewellery making - I did a bit of this at school.
Dress Making - I have an A Level in Textiles, so have wanted to pick up where I left off with this for a while.
While they all sound like good and interesting ideas to me and they might be something I try in the future, for now I have decided on the course I am going to take part in; Cake Decoration!
I love baking, I make cupcakes, biscuits, brownies etc all the time at home, and I guess this is just another step further. I'm so excited to start the course, and don't have long to wait as it starts next month.
Have any of you ever done cake decorating, or any night classes for that matter?