How does a £50 shopping voucher sound to you?!

Well, recently I was contacted by a lovely lady on behalf of Sourz... you know the stuff, the yummy, fruity little shots that noone can really resist when you're on a night out. (I know I'm partial to a shot or five!) Oh and they've just released pineapple flavour, which I can't wait to try... Mmmmmmm!!
Sourz have recently launched a 'Bling or Ming' competition on their Facebook page, where you can upload two photos of yourself in different outfits, and people vote for their favourite of the two... a great idea if you're unsure of what to wear for a night out, or if you can't decide wether to keep or return an item!
The most voted for outfit each week will win the voucher! Definitely worth a shot...
All you have to do is visit their Facebook page and become a fan, then upload your photos to the Bling or Ming app. If you spot my uploads while you're on there, feel free to vote ;)