Some of you might remember my blog post from not so long ago, where I was asking what to team with the infamous peachy coloured New Look shorts...
Well, I finally found a way of making them work!

This is what I wore today:
Apologies for the awful iPhone pic again, and the scruffy background (yes I was in the staff room at work!)
The entire outfit is from NL.

Unfortunately the shorts look quite badly creased here, I do have an iron. It's probably because I'd spent 6 hours working hard, merchandising my store before I took this picture.
But I do love these, and I knew I would eventually find something to go with them.

I think the logo tee works because it's skinny fitting so it tucks in really nicely. Anything baggy or loose fitting wouldn't really work with these shorts, in my opinion. I have also worn them with a black body, which works just as well.

So what do you think? I'd love to hear or see what you wear with your shorts if you have them!
If you want to snap a pair up for yourself, you can get them here.
This is the cardigan I'm wearing.
Unfortunately my t-shirt appears to be out of stock at the moment.