Monday, 25 April 2011

Whats In My Purse

Earlier in the year I showed you all my new purse and as I mentioned in that post, I have finally got round to showing you what's in it. Eventually, I plan on doing a 'whats in my bag post' too.

Such a mess, thank goodness I have such a big purse for all of my junk! Good thing about doing this blog post meant it was the perfect excuse to empty my entire purse, and sort it out :)
A tiny bit of change... I never have much cash on me, although I do usually have a little more than this (can't wait until payday!) and some hair grips (these tend to just get everywhere with me!)
About a zillion cards... I don't really know how I've ended up with all of these, but to be honest, I do use them all.
Store cards, New Look staff card, Library card, Tan Shop card (definitely my least used of my cards), Costa card, Bite discount card, my boyfriend's student card (no idea why!), Casino card, Mall rewards card, Gift cards, Cash & Carry card, Toys R Us card (because we're constantly shopping there for Elodie now), Milkshake bar loyalty card, Blockbuster card, Nandos loyalty card and of course my driving licence (no you're not seeing the photo) and my bank card.
Finally, how embarrassing...  please tell me I'm not the only one who just shoves all of my receipts straight into the purse and leaves them there forever?! Mixed in with the receipts are a handful of bus tickets and expired Boots vouchers.
I am however, proud to say that the majority of these have now been binned.

A bit short and sweet there, but I hope you enjoyed this post.
If you've done one of these, send me the link... I do like to be nosey! 

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  1. my purse is exactly the same a million discout or points cards and a load of reciepts and no change for the carpark haha x

  2. haha, i's so happy to know I'm not the only one! x

  3. Great post.
    Have you had your hair done by Leo Bancroft yet?

  4. even with a big purse you managed to squeeze a lot in there lol!

    shel xx

  5. How comes you still have your Arcadia staff card?

  6. My purse is worse then yours;)
    xxx Elle

  7. @Summer Sunshine I had to cancel my appointment, it would have been Saturday, but with it being Easter weekend, I had to work :(
    I'm going to reschedule for my week off work :)

    @Dina I didn't even know it was still in there until I emptied my purse out lol

  8. hiya! your 900th follower here! lovely post! xxx

  9. Ah liking the costa card in there as a fellow costa worker haha!
    Erin xx


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