Jumper: New Look
T-Shirt (worn underneath) - Topshop
Shorts - New Look
Belt - New Look

This is what I wore to work yesterday. I loved this jumper as soon as I saw it, it's a gorgeous ladder knit in a really chunky fabric, yet it's still cool enough to wear in warmer weather, and great to layer up. I just added the belt to give a bit of structure and shape to the outfit.
I don't really like wearing loose or baggy things as I think it makes me look much bigger than I am. Girls with smaller chests can get away with it and look really chic, but unfortunately, that doesn't work for me.

As you can see, I have also added another pair of shorts to my massive collection. I literally live in shorts every day of my life at the moment. These are so cute and summery... how could I say no?!

My hair looks so dark in these photos, I'm not too sure why though, because everyone is saying how light it looks lately. I'm stuck in a bit of a rut with it at the moment, I can't decide wether to re-ombre it, but take the blonde much higher, or to go back dark, or even a bit red... HELP!

On a random note, I can't stop singing Olly Murs new song 'Busy' at the moment... hence the name of this post. It's the perfect song for driving in the sun :)