Last week I finally went for a hair cut.
I say finally, because I haven't had it cut in months... probably verging on six months, so as you can imagine it was getting a bit out of control and out of condition. I do believe a good trim really keeps your hair at it's best, and mine definitely needed it.

As I mentioned in a blog post not so long ago, I was booked in to have my hair restyled by the amazing Leo Bancroft, but unfortunately, my appointment fell on easter weekend (which I didn't realise when booking) and I had to work, so couldn't go. I am definitely going to reschedule though, so watch this space for that!

I just ended up going to a local hairdressers for my trim.
It didn't really go to plan.
She cut off much more than I wanted, but even though everyone keeps telling me it's still long, it feels so much shorter to me! I can't wait for it to grow back!