As I mentioned last week, I have been dabbling with a bit of nail art, and I decided to go all out, with some Union Jack nails especially for the Royal Wedding, just to showcase my support for the Royal newlyweds.

I am just a beginner remember, and they are no where near as fancy as Katy Perry's William nails, weren't they just amazing?! The day I can create nails like that is the day I quit my day job!
Nevertheless,  I was still quite pleased with the result.
My friend was also quite impressed, because she asked me to paint hers the same!
These photos are of my friend's nails. I didn't photograph my own, but they were exactly the same except I only had the flag on my ring fingers.

I used Barry M glitter polishes in blue and red, which in real life looked gorgeous, and extra sparkly. The I used a Sally Hansen topcoat to stop them chipping.

You can view my first nail art attempt by clicking here.