This was me yesterday, in direct sunlight, so the colour of my hair here is very real, and exactly what it looks like in real life.
Now, I've asked quite a few times for ideas for my hair... do I go blonder? redder? darker?
I've decided I'm definitely keeping the ombre. I do really love it. And going lighter for the summer must be the smart option.

For the past six weeks or so, I've been using purple shampoo to try and get the blonde to go even blonder, and I think its worked quite well.
If you look back to my posts from when I first ombred it, it's alot brighter blonde now.
I was thinking of taking a shortcut and putting an ash blonde dye on the ends, to make it kind of a silvery blonde, but I might just keep up with the purple shampoo.
Any hair dressers/colourists out there... is this my best option?

In this weeks Look magazine there is a model with ombre hair which starts only a couple of inches from the roots... have you seen it?
I think I might be brave and attempt that next...