Dress: AX Paris
Cardigan: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Nails: Nails Inc

I was in two minds as to whether I should upload these photos. I love the dress, but I was having a major makeup fail! I ran out of my Mac MSF a few weeks back, and when I bought a new one, the MUA at the Mac counter told me I was wearing the wrong shade (light) and that I should go darker (medium), especially with summer coming up, she said if I caught the sun at all, it just wouldn't match. So, I took her 'expert' advice, only to come home and see that the new one is completely the wrong colour for me. I look orange :( Bad times!
I think (and hope) these photos make it look worse than it actually is in real life! I think the milk bottle whiteness of my arms makes it look a bit worse too. Oh dear!

Anyway, the dress... I love the print, and I love the colours. 
It's such a lovely cut. Unfortunately from the photos, you can't really tell, but the skirt has a double layer of fabric, which gives it such a nice shape.
There was once a time when I would never wear black and brown together, now I don't think you can beat it! It's such a great way of making an outfit look a bit vintage. Hence why I chose to wear the rusty coloured cardi too, and if you could see my feet, I was wearing my go-to tan coloured brogues.

I snapped my necklace up from the New Look sale. It's really cute with a little Eiffel Tower, a postcard and a camera charm on it. I've loved anything 'Paris' themed, ever since my boyfriend and I went there a few years ago.

I bought another AX Paris dress at the same time as this one, I will make sure I show it to you really soon... it's gorg!