Are you proud of me?.. I remembered to post my second Monday Mugshot! (Even if I am squeezing it in late again. Oops!)

I'm so tired today, I worked 8-2 and then came home and fell asleep with my little girl, which has backfired and made me even more tired! I'm off tomorrow though, so I'll have a nice rest while I update my Blog Shop :) I'm adding more clothes and makeup tomorrow, so make sure you go and follow!

I have so many blog posts planned, I just wish there were more hours in the day so that I could get them all done. I've got reviews, hauls, outfits... allsorts to post!

I've also decided to give myself something else to keep busy with, YouTube!
I made one video about a year ago now, and didn't stick with it, but I've decided it is something I really want to do (although I'm a little camera shy)!
So, any tips, requests or ideas for videos would be really helpful right now.

Hope everyone is well xx