I know this is supposed to be the Monday mugshot, but I had already blogged yesterday, plus my hair was a mess, it was getting dark etc etc... so please forgive me that I'm posting this on a Tuesday!
I look a bit white here, but it was getting dark again, so had to go near a window to get a decent picture!

Had such a stressful day at work today, loads to do and not enough hours to do it in... so I've got another busy one ahead of me tomorrow. I seemed to spend most of today helping people choose outfits for holidays or nights out, they were making me so jealous! I have a day off on Friday though, I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Not much else to update on really, it's all same old stuff at the moment. My boyfriend and my little girl have both been poorly, so other than working, Ive just been taking care of them.

If you haven't already voted for me in the Very V-Team Competition, I would really appreciate your vote. You can vote for me by liking the Very Facebook page, clicking the V-Team link on the side, searching for 'Tor' and voting for me. You can see what my entry looks like, by having a look at my previous blog post.

Thanks so much xx