I hate this heat. Sorry to be boring and talk about the weather, but I really can't cope in weather this hot. Today I tied my hair up in a top knot to keep myself as cool as possible, and wore a vest and hareems to work, not exactly the most fashionable of outfits, but I just didn't want to be too hot! I never go abroad because I don't like the sun, which is also why I'm so pale... I'm definitely a sitting in the shade kinda gal!

Although, I fake tanned last night for the first time in years! You can't tell in this picture, 'coz I took it on my webcam, but I'm actually looking quite bronzed (compared to how I usually look anyway!)
I'm planning a little series of fake tan reviews soon, so look out for my Xen Tan one coming soon :)

I've been at work all day (again), it's been such a busy one as well. We've been launching our Summer sale, and it's MASSIVE. Loads of nice things have been marked down, so I really recommend you get yourself to New Look to spend your pennies tomorrow! (Come to my store - say hi!)
I've only been approached twice by people who read my blog, and it's so nice. Check out Nicola's blog... she's a regular in my shop, and so lovely!

Sorry this week's Monday Mugshot is short and sweet, but I really must get some sleep before tomorrow xx