New Look denim hotpants

This is just one of those, so easy to throw on, super comfy outfits. On days when I'm not at work (which is a rarity at the moment) and days where I'm not going out, this is the kind of thing I like to wear, although looking at these pictures (which I took three days ago), makes me feel a bit hot today! Its been so sunny and warm up here, if the weather carries on this way, I'll be retiring the jumper until the colder months return.

My hair looks a bit blah in these pictures too, it was channeling the whole 'look' though I guess. You can probably tell I hadn't done alot with it!

I'm definitely loving the outdoor outfit photos now too. I'm going to try and do this type of thing all through the good weather, I like the interesting settings and the AMAZING lighting. It makes my indoor photos seem really bad quality. I just wish I had some sort of city setting to play with too.