Do you remember when you were younger, watching people on TV, and thinking to yourself, 'I want to be just like that when I grow up'?
And now that you're grown up, have you ever taken the time to look back at the women you aspired to become, the hair styles you wanted and the wardrobes you would have done anything to raid?

These are the people who's style I wanted to steal...
Kelly Kapowski
I think every girl who watched Saved By The Bell wanted to be Kelly! She had the best dress sense, the best hair (omg her hair!) and the best boyfriend... Zack Morris mmmm!
What's weird when looking back at these pictures, Kelly would probably get away with dressing that way now, and be classed as trendy. It all comes back around... the big hair, the floral print denim, the cropped tops etc.
Yes, I still want to be Kelly Kapowski!
Clarissa Darling
Clarissa Explains It All was one of my favourite tv shows. Alot of you are probably too young to remember all of these, but Clarissa really was too cool!
She embraced 80s fashion (although the show was on in the 90s) and I definitely used her as inspiration for my clothes when I was around 10-12 years old. Although, I wasn't quite as brave with my choices.
Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield
 These two were the beauties who never got it wrong. Jessica dressed alot more sexy than her twin, but they both catered for different styles. They had the perfect toned abs, and the perfect poker straight blonde hair... just what every teen wanted to be like!
Cher from Clueless
Now, I'm sure you all know who Cher is! I actually still love some of her outfits now! Super trendy, even for school in her over the knee socks, mini skirts and tank tops. Although, if everyone had a computer to help select their outfits, noone would ever get it wrong!

Who did you want to be..?