Being a blogger is hard work.
Being a blogger who works full time is even harder.
I thought I'd share with you all, what it's like to be a blogger who works and has a child... as you can imagine, it's hard!
If you don't already know, I am Mother to a 22 month old, wonderful little girl called Elodie (pronounced like Melody without the 'M'... people ask me that all the time!)

I first set up this blog when I was pregnant. I had been reading blogs for around a year before I decided to write my own, and when I was on maternity leave, it felt like the perfect time to start. I didn't have much else to do towards the end, I left my job at Topshop when I was 7 months pregnant, spent the first month off getting everything prepared for baby's arrival, and then the last month was just a waiting game! As if by magic, Elodie arrived on her due date, so I didn't have long to wait.

When I gave birth, the blog obviously took a back seat, I was too busy to even shower, let alone blog!
Two weeks later, I came back to my blog, to introduce my daughter, and from then on I posted quite sporadically, using stock photos to create posts. Taking my own photos was just impossible, with my sleep pattern messed up, endless visitors and a baby to feed and change, blogging wasn't my priority. Plus I wasn't looking my best... making bottles at 4am doesn't help with the under-eye circles, plus no makeup, 24/7 bed hair and living in PJ's isn't exactly the best look for a chic fashion blogger like me (haha I joke).

It wasn't until Elodie was 5 months old, when I really got back into regular blogging.
I was lucky to have a really good sleeper, she would always nap around 1pm for a couple of hours, which gave me some 'me' time, and by the time she was 2 months old, she wasn't waking in the night, so once she was in bed, I knew she was going to sleep right through. I didn't return to work until Elodie was 10 months old, which was in the August, so baby nap time = blogging time (as well as the time to squeeze in many other things!)

In the February, I started including my own photos again, using the times when she was bouncing in her jumperoo or in a trance watching Mickey Mouse to snap some quick outfit photos! And when I say quick, I mean quick, having a baby under a year old really does require constant attention!

Now that Elodie is older, and she can play with her toys, read her books and entertain herself, blogging has become a lot easier. I love my blog so much, I never wanted to have to give it up completely.

I try to blog at least three times a week, and sometimes Elodie wants to 'help'. I have endless photos of products with her little hands reaching in to grab them, and outfit photos with a little head at the bottom peeping up at me... I swear she thinks her Mammy is crazy sometimes!
Elodie loves watching me put my makeup on, she's always stealing my brushes and pretending to do her blusher! She's also obsessed with nail varnish, and notices every time I change the colour of my nails... I just know by the time she's four or five she will be begging to try my lipsticks and hair her nails painted! Watch out, she'll be starting a blog soon haha!

I know this is a little off topic, but I get quite a few other Mothers asking me questions about blogging, and I thought it could be an interesting read. I hope that's the case!

PS. In the first photo, I am not applying makeup to her face, the brush is clean. I also never have, and never would.