Lately it seems like everyone is chopping off their hair!
I'm a big fan of shorter hair on pretty much anyone but myself! There have been times when I've been brave and gone for the chop, but I've majorly regretted it. You may remember a few months ago when I was considering going shorter, and I still kind of want to... but maybe not too short!
I think everyone has an opinion on Frankie's new hair. My initial reaction was the same as everyone else I know 'OH MY GOD WHAT HAS SHE DONE?!' but now... I love it. Yes it's drastic, but it's oh so stylish. Lets face it, she has the perfect face to pull it off. When I look at pictures of her trademark hair cut now, I think it looks outgrown and dated. I'm definitely all for this new look.
 Cheryl's done the double whammy by cutting and colouring her hair. First up, I love this cut, it's something I would be brave enough doing. I think it's cute and quirky, although it will grow out really fast and need a lot of upkeep. The colour... I'm not loving it. I've always thought 'wor Chezza looked better dark.
 I'm undecided on Pixie's new do. I think I need to see more pictures. I've been a big fan of her hippie boho look, so this is very different for her. I think my decision on whether I love or hate it will purely depend on how she wears it. I think if she styles it with a lot of volume and texture, it could be a really good look.
Last up, Cher Lloyd. She debuted her new look last weekend at T4 on the Beach. She's gone all out and shaved the side of her head, then ombred and dip dyed the other side of her hair pink! For me, it's way too much. I think she suited her natural looking, long, dark hair more than any other look she has tried. The shaved head is a style I like, but only on Rihanna (and Mel B actually suited it too). Cher looks a mess... she's not doing the ombre look any favours either!

Are any of these looks inspiring you to go for the chop?!