Why is it, that there are always more fashion disasters on a red carpet than anything else?!
Following up from my best dressed list, here is my worst dressed list from the Harry Potter Premiere.
Bonnie Wright & Evanna Lynch
I love the colour of Bonnie's outfit, and the style of the top, but I just don't think it is flattering at all.
Evanna's dress is cute, but definitely not 'red carpet' style, it's more nightie-chic! I don't like her shoes either.
Helena Bonham Carter & JK Rowling
Helena is just too crazy for me, I hate the hat and the bag is even worse! Which is a shame, because the dress is actually quite nice.
I can't help but feel a little disappointed by JK's dress, I love the style and the shape, it's just the colour I'm not a fan of.
Clemency Poesy & Chloe Green
Clemency's is probably my least favourite dress of the night, it just looks like shredded toilet roll! The neckline and shoulders are also really strange looking.
I don't think Chloe has an excuse for looking this bad, let's face it, she has the entire pick of Topshop, and somehow ends up looking like she's going for a night out at China White instead of to a red carpet event!
Helen McCrory
Lastly, Helen's outfit is just really dated. The top half is so plain and boring, and with it being see through, it just makes me hate it even more.