Items 1-5: Topshop

I seem to have acquired a love for all things leopard print recently. I really want to get my hands on all of these pieces!

I almost bought the first top yesterday, but they didn't have my size. It really reminds me of a Sid & Nancy top I bought from Topshop a few years ago, which I've worn to death, so I know if I bought this one, I would definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

I love the contrast of the bright orange next to the leopard print on the second top. If I don't get this one, it has inspired me to mix some brights with animal print when putting together outfits.

The boots are a bit of a dream! I adore them! The leopard print, plus the scalloped edging... gorgeous!

The leggings are also a must have for my wardrobe. They remind me of the paneled leggings H&M did last year (which I missed out on), and although they're a bit pricey (£22)... I still really want them!