I have such a bad headache tonight, I can't wait to snuggle up on bed with a hot chocolate and go to sleep. It's been a bit of a manic day, I slept in this morning and managed to get up, get ready and actually get to work in 20 minutes - record timing! I think it was just a bad start to a bad day to be honest!

I've been catching up on some TV since I got in, I've watched Dinner Date, Hollyoaks and next I'm going to watch Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (which I am already addicted to!) Plus, Ronan Keating is on it tonight... YUM YUM!!

I'm wearing my latest addition to my Barry M collection on my nails in this picture 'Blue Moon'... I'm going to try and get a review of it up on here tomorrow :)

Hope you're all keeping well, and thanks so much to my new followers! HELLO :) xx