It's been a whole three months since I wrote a 'Thats Peachy Chats' post.
This is just going to be a quick one, asking for a little feedback and advice about what you want from my blog.
I'm feeling a little lost on here at the moment.
My blog initially started out as a beauty blog with a bit of fashion, then developed into being more fashion based (which is what I really enjoy).
I like to add a bit of personal stuff, just so my blog feels a bit more 'real', and I get a lot of requests to write about celebrity events.
I do enjoy writing about celebrities, but I'm not too sure if That's Peachy is the place for that!

Basically, I'm asking for your opinions.

What kind of posts do you enjoy most?
Is there anything you would like me to include more of?
Or anything you would like me to stop writing about?
What do you like best/least about my blog?

I kind of just go with the flow at the moment, and post whatever I want, but I'm not too sure if that's a bit too blahh... should my blog have more definition?

Any constructive criticism is welcome!

Thanks xx