I need your help!
I have an interview on Tuesday. I'm not usually nervous, but for this one I am really scared!

I've been umming and ahhing about what to wear.
Ideally I want to wear a dress, I want to show my own personal style, yet still look smart.
The job is in fashion retail management...
This is what I'm currently planning on wearing, with a chunky necklace of some kind, some bangles and a statement ring or two, black tights and probably my brogue style boots...

I'm going to keep my makeup really simple, but maybe wear some bright nail varnish to add a pop of colour (colour suggestions please!), and hair up or down?
What do you think?

I don't really want to buy anything specifically for the interview you see... so I hope this works!

P.S. Sorry this is an old photo, taken from this blog post.