I would love to win the Look Blogging Competition this year... want to know what I would be thinking if I did win?..

It's 5am on Saturday 17th September, and it's freezing! Darlington train station is always like this though, it's a wind tunnel, even in Summer! I'm a bit too excited to feel the cold though, I've got adrenaline rushing through my veins... no I'm not going on holiday, I'm on my way to London for the Look Show AW11, which beats any holiday in my opinion! I'm even sitting front row! I can't believe it, and keep pinching myself to check that I'm not dreaming. I've already been taking photos, luckily there wasn't many other people on the platform to judge me, only a few business men in suits, but their noses were buried too deep into their newspapers to take much notice of me... I could only imagine them thinking 'why is that girl taking photos of herself here, with her hair in a topknot, dressed in an old baggy hoodie at this time of the day?!' I don't care if they did notice though, I want to remember every single minute of this day, and if taking 3000 photos is the way to do that, then I will!

I still can't believe Look picked my entry, I was panicking for weeks about what to write, I had so many ideas, and I kind of left it until last minute, only because I couldn't choose which direction to go in with my entry, I just knew I wanted to write something a little more imaginative, and at the same time, convince them that I was the right person for the job. It was such a big task to live up to, I think I've only missed about four copies of their magazine since it was published, I love it so much. When it comes to fashion, the High Street is right up my street! I only ever really shop on the high street, and can't wait to see what my favourite brands have to offer for my favourite season 2011. I love chunky knits, layering and all of the traditional AW colours, I just can't wait to see how they have interperated all of the classic looks for this year!

Finally on the train, I heave my suitcase into the luggage holder, I know I'm only staying over for one night, but I've brought enough for a week! Then I settle myself down in my lovely seat, with a table all to myself (thanks to the £100 Look gave me towards travel expenses!) Everyone else on the train are either sleeping, or trying to sleep. I guess that's what people do on trains at this time of the day, but I'm too excited to sleep. Instead I grab myself a coffee from the train shop, send a tweet to let everyone know I'm on my way (even though everyone else is probably still in bed), I plug my straighteners in (thank goodness I got a seat with a plug socket - it's rare you get one in the economy carriages!) and empty out my makeup bag to start sproosing myself up for when I arrive. I need to look my best, because who knows who I'll be rubbing shoulders with when I arrive at Westfield.. I mean, Olivia Palermo was there last year!

Just under three hours into the journey, my train pulls into Kings Cross, where I change trains and hop aboard the one which will take me to Stratford. I'm wide awake now and have butterflies in my tummy! Luckily I managed to get myself completely ready on the train (it wasn't bumpy like I imagined, I was picturing lipstick going up my cheek and spilled nail varnish!) My hair is big, my lips are pink and my eyebrows are filled, all I need to do now is change into my outfit, which I have actually decided on, and no I won't change my mind! This second train isn't quite as fancy, but I manage to get a seat to myself, well to myself and my case, so I update Twitter again, and reply to the few crazy people who saw my tweet at 5am. Not much else to do between now and my arrival, so I pull out the latest Look mag to pass the time.

When I get off the train in Stratford, its unbelievably busy, it's just before 9am, so everyone is rushing around heading to work. I've never been to Stratford before so I take a minute to get my bearings and look for an exit sign. It's a lovely morning, much nicer than it felt in the early hours back home, so I whip out my sunglasses, and like a true fashion journalist on the way to a big event I march myself to a taxi rank! My driver was lovely, and listened to me tell him all about where I was going in my 'Geordie accent', he took me straight to my hotel in just under five minutes... today was going perfectly already, everything was right on time!

Once in my hotel room I feel a huge sense of relief, the journey is over, I didn't get lost, I'm not late... I'm almost there!! I update my Twitter again, and reply to a lot more messages, it looks like the bloggers of Twitter have finally woken up! After a quick breakfast and fresh orange juice, which I have to force down because I feel too nervous to eat, I get changed into my outfit.

I've arranged to meet the other lucky winners in the hotel lobby, so we can arrive at the show together. I'm really looking forward to meeting the other girls, I've been a fan of a couple of their blogs for years now, and the other two girls have relatively new blogs which I have just discovered. I've never met any other bloggers before, so I'm sure we'll have loads to chat about!

After introducing ourselves, a quick photo session, and even more chatter, our taxi arrives...
I can't believe this is really happening, I'm on my way to The Look Show!

I'll leave the rest to your imagination, or if I do win, I will update you with the rest as soon as I'm back!

Living in the North East has never made it easy to 'get into' fashion as a career, I'm pretty loyal to my roots (yes, I'm a true Northerner... don't take this to mean I'm a cast-off from Geordie Shore, it's not quite that extreme living up here in reality!), and unfortunately, this means I miss out on a lot of opportunities to do what I really want to do, because they simply aren't available to me in the North.

This is probably one of the reasons why I started blogging, so that I could have my own little space on the Internet, to release my passion, dedicate time to fashion and just to talk about clothes (with a little bit of beauty and randomness thrown in for fun).

I often think I'm too old for things like this, people sometimes hint to me that maybe I should grow up, and move on... they say because I have a daughter that I should give up with fashion and my blog... 'get a proper job' (which I do have!) but I work in fashion, and blog because I love it and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
Fashion has always been my first love, whether you interpret that to mean that I watch high fashion, designer catwalks, I obsess over celebrity fashion or that I'm just a complete shopaholic, you would be right... it's all true!

I'm not the most confident person, the loudest or the pushiest, but I do stand up for what I believe in, and I set my goals high... I take my blog seriously, it did start off as a bit of fun, a pass-time, but now I really like to put the work and the effort into it, more than anything, it's still fun, but I like to see results.

Being front row at The Look Show would most certainly be the biggest pay off to come from my blog, it would give me a massive sense of achievement and excitement!

This is my why I would love you should pick me to blog front row at The Look Show 2011.
Thanks for reading  xx