I can't believe this time last week I was having such a bad time, people kept telling me that some good luck would come my way and cheer me up, and it really has! I'm so happy right now, I just can't stop smiling!

Excuse the late, bad quality Photobooth photo... I've been at work all day, for the seventh day running, so everything is a little last minute at the moment.
I started 'Monday Mugshot' purposely using Photobooth, just for something a little different. I've never taken these posts too seriously, so I didn't think an amazing quality picture mattered, but I am considering starting to use my camera for these shots too. I'm always a bit let down by the quality of these pictures... What do you think?

Speaking of my camera, I get it back on Wednesday, so outfit posts will be back in full swing! (Not sure if you've noticed I haven't done any for a while?) I've bought some beautiful clothes recently too, I can't wait to share them all with you!

For those who have asked if I am going to enter the Look Magazine Blogging Competition, yes I am, but I'm still working on my entry... Keep your eyes peeled for that one :)

Finally, thank you to all of my new followers... Say hi! I love making new blogging friends xx