Do you ever find yourself being told 'oh my gosh, that's so you!'?
It's happened a lot to me recently, and I've kind of started consciously assessing my style.
I wouldn't really know how to describe my personal style, its a bit of a mish-mash, a bit thrown together and a bit eclectic.
There are lots of certain things I really do like, and lots of things I don't like...
People always seem to comment on chunky knits, quirky tops with little collars or scalloped edges, brogue style shoes and boots and pretty much any kind of shorts as being 'very me'.
 I've had a look back through some of my outfit posts, and a growing trend is a top tucked into shorts. I don't seem to have fallen into a rut where it's always a certain style of top and shorts, but some of my looks definitely seem to be repeating themselves... especially as I wear my hair practically the same almost every day too!
I don't see my style changing anytime soon either, because I literally am obsessed with shorts, which may be normal in summer, but I just know that this Winter season I am going to be layering mine up with thick tights and my Uggs.
Although I guess if I want to keep my blog interesting, I will have to start mixing it up a little bit!

Do you have a signature style?
All photos taken from various outfit posts on this blog.